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    The Wilson Toast
    by John Wilson

    We hold there's a smile in every cloud,
    yet can be a silly brood.
    We love stories and friendly crowds
    and good cheer and good food.

    Whether you be Wilson or you be friend,
    lift your glass and give a cheer,
    and where ever you go, or where you've been,
    remember those gone, love those here.

    The content below is edited directly by Wilson Wines. Check back often for more updates!

    From the first weekend in January (3rd and 4th) to the last weekend in April (4th and 5th) we are open only on weekends weather permitting and our first event is Mushroom Day May 2, 2015.


    We want to thank all our customers and our friends, both new and old. John and Jim wish everybody a happy Christmas and a merry New Year and may 2015 be better than 2014, already the weather has been better. The boys really want to thank the Grinches and Wenches (you know who you are and we love you)


    And we won’t be sending out any more emails or web site postings or face book replies till the last of April.


    Again good luck, good health, have lots of fun, may your trials be successful and your tribulation be both minor and manageable.

    Wilson wines, feel the country, taste the fun.

    Wilson Wines
    10137 Indian Trial
    Modoc, IN 47356

    To leave us a message
    or hear information
    on upcoming events, or
    to send us a fax,
    please call
    (765) 853-5100

    Business Hours

    Wednesday & Thursday: 1 - 7PM
    Friday: 1 - 9PM
    Saturday & Sunday: 12 - 6PM

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